Submandibular gland surgery

What problems can you have with the submandibular gland?

The commonest problem is blockage of the salivary duct. This can be caused by the presence of stones or simply a narrowing of the salivary duct. Blockage of the salivary duct can cause a painful swelling of the gland when you eat. Sometimes the swelling may settle on its own. When the blockage is severe, it can lead to persistent inflammation of the gland. Occasionally, a painless lump may develop within the submandibular gland. Those lumps are often benign but need thorough checking, as up to half of them may be or become cancerous. Even benign lumps can get gradually bigger.

What is submandibular gland surgery?

Submandibular gland removal is surgery to take out a saliva gland below the lower jaw. The gland may have been removed because of infection, a tumour, or a blocked saliva duct. Surgery of the salivary glands is encompassed in the subspecialty of ENT surgery known as head and neck surgery. Dr. Ameet Pradhan has a particular interest in surgery for tumours of the head and neck region, including the salivary glands.