Voice rehabilitation clinic

Any voice change which persists for more than 5 days should not be taken lightly as it can be an indication of some laryngeal pathology including malignancy. Detailed laryngoscope investigation along with complete voice analysis helps the doctor to decide the line of treatment for the patient with a given voice disorder.

Though there are some pathologic conditions which require urgent surgical intervention by the ENT surgeon, there are also some vocal cord pathologies and disorders which can be taken care of solely with Voice Therapy.

Our basic motive behind having a Voice Lab is to make maximum efforts to conserve voice non-surgically, to help post-operative patients to improve their voice quality and to help the patient maintain and enhance that quality in future.

Vocal rehabilitation includes specialized voice therapy and corrective training to facilitate healthy and physiological voice production, modify harmful vocal behaviors and habits, learn efficient voice use, and develop effective vocal technique for long- term vocal health. It also includes stress management strategies, lifestyle modification and medical treatment of associated factors that affect the voice.